Treatment Courts

Treatment Court Solutions You Need Now

Without the right technology solutions, your treatment court may waste time and make the wrong decisions on important court cases. Setting your judges and stakeholders up with the latest information on cases in an organized system is vital to the most successful outcomes.

At FivePoint Solutions, we can connect your treatment court with the technology you need to streamline information. With our innovative solutions, you can ensure all decision-makers have the means to make appropriate decisions in a timely manner while giving statistical evidence of the court’s outcomes.

The Right Tech Solutions

What happens when your court has the right tech solutions? You’ll not only be saving taxpayer money, but you will also be creating an environment for a positive impact on the lives of participants and the overall community. A successful treatment court demonstrates the court’s validity and maximizes the time and money involved in each case.

Benefits of Our CaseWorx for Treatment Courts

The FivePoint Solutions team developed CaseWorx for Treatment Courts to meet the existing need for more organization and a streamlined system for the court process. With so many team members involved, it’s easy for information to fall through the cracks. Our solutions make it possible to get all of your court team members on the same page with accurate information to facilitate the right court decisions.

Highlights of CaseWorx for Treatment Courts include:

  • Document management becomes paperless to save money and increase efficiency
  • 24/7 availability of information through a web-based system
  • Data accuracy making it easier for treatment court staff to track participant outcomes, providing complete and accurate information for legislators, grants, and other interested parties
  • Time-saving features with auto-updates and real-time information, so all stakeholders have what they need at their fingertips
  • Just dispositions through accountability, enabling the judge and stakeholders to document a complete count of warnings, sanctions, and other participant interactions; this means that rulings are graduated to the true level of noncompliance severity and facilitates appropriate recognition of participant success
  • Security and confidentiality through the latest technological advancements; our solutions conform with national standards as well as with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  (HIPPA), which requires extensive confidentiality for medical information such as drug screens and treatment results
  • Accounting functions that simplify bookkeeping by helping courts keep a proper account of court revenue and victim restitution

Let our experts at FivePoint Solutions provide you with a free demo of our CaseWorx for Treatment Courts solution. Connect with us online now.

Treatment Courts Highlights

Real-Time Alerts
AD-HOC & Statistical Reporting
Document Management
Fully Customizable


"Case management programs such as those developed by FivePoint help us better serve the citizens that entrust us with making good decisions in an economical and efficient manner. The number of participants in accountability courts is increasing, and it is important that the increased volume of data be managed accurately, thoroughly and quickly."

The Honorable Brenda S. Weaver
Chief Superior Court Judge
Appalachian Judicial Circuit