Is your court technology letting vital information fall through the cracks for probation cases?

The latest tech solutions are changing the face of the probation process for courts across the country. Is your court missing out? If it seems like critical information is falling through the cracks, and participants are suffering the consequences, it’s time to experience a new, better way to manage probation cases with FivePoint Solutions.

Our customized solutions are making it possible for court teams to handle the probation process with a crystal clear picture of each participant’s history and progress through the system. This facilitates better outcomes for all as well as a savings of time and money for your court.

Leverage the Power of Technology for Your Court

Imagine how much more efficient and effective your court will be when you have streamlined data entry, better document management, and automated probation processes in place. At FivePoint Solutions, we offer our CaseWorx for Probation Solution, connecting all of your team members and partners through one easy-to-use portal.

No more scrambling for information last minute or trying to get updated information on a participant. Each team member will have everything they need at their fingertips to do their jobs more effectively and in less time.

What to Expect from Our CaseWorx for Probation Solution

Here’s how implementing this innovative solution will transform your court’s probation system:

  • Streamlined data entry and integrated systems
  • Ability to import, organize, and manage documents in one place
  • Increased workflow and efficiency through automated processes
  • Seamless integration with juvenile justice, law enforcement, mental health, assessment tools, school incident reporting, and other relevant agencies
  • One convenient portal to connect all team members and partners
  • Case plan tracking to track and monitor participant progress, including drug screens, court sessions, treatment, phase advancement, case notes, and dependents
  • Easy filing and recording of all documents
  • Reports generating participant snapshots to support on-the-spot decisions
  • Integration of all existing data from law enforcement, anonymous tip line, scheduling incident reporting, juvenile justice systems, and case monitoring solutions
  • Customization to meet the specific needs of your court team

Ready to implement the technology solutions to streamline your court’s probation process? Contact FivePoint Solutions now to get started or to schedule a free demo of our CaseWorx for Probation Solution.

Probation Highlights

Flexible Calendaring
Check-In Kiosk
Integrate with Electronic Monitoring Systems
Enhanced Chrononotes Entry
Compliance Monitoring


"The FivePoint Case Management System has been very helpful in case documenting and information sharing in our probation department. FivePoints staff are always eager to assist with needed changes and offering technical support in a timely manner."

Jackson County, Ohio Juvenile Probation Department