Pre-Trial Services

Discover How to Make the Pretrial Process More Effective

Does your court have the right technology in place to streamline the pretrial process?  If not, you are likely wasting valuable court resources. Today’s cutting-edge technology solutions for courts make it possible for all judges and stakeholders to have the necessary information at their fingertips. With help from FivePoint Solution’s pretrial services, you’ll be able to expedite the court process and ensure successful outcomes.

Is Your Court Relying on Outdated or Disorganized Information?

All team members must have up-to-date information to ensure the pretrial process goes smoothly. However, too many courts rely on outdated technology, leaving team members scrambling to gather information at the last minute. This leads to frustrations and decisions that may not represent the true nature of the case.

At FivePoint Solutions, we have developed the solutions to bring your court team up to speed immediately with real-time information that facilitates fast and accurate pretrial services. With our CaseWorx for Pretrial Services and The FocalPoint Dashboard for Criminal History, you can count on an efficient and effective court for each and every case.

Benefits of Pretrial Services from FivePoint Solutions

Our experts have utilized the latest in technological advancements to develop tools to streamline your pretrial services. By using decision-making practices that are based on evidence, your court can divert non-violent, lower-risk offenders back into the community while they await their trials. When your court has a clear picture of each case, judges and stakeholders can make sentencing decisions with ease and simultaneously alleviate an overcrowded jail system.

The CaseWorx for Pretrial Services and FocalPoint Dashboard for Criminal History offer the following benefits to your court team:

  • Real-time data and easy-to-access information that provides an accurate, comprehensive version of an offender’s criminal history
  • Detailed, condensed, one-page summaries to help team members make on-the-spot decisions during pretrial
  • Clear centerpiece of the Judicial Data Exchange (JDX) to create an overview of each offender
  • Efficient and streamlined system that saves time and resources and creates better outcomes for all parties involved
  • Hassle-free data entry and document management
  • Automation that leads to Increased workflow and efficiency
  • Seamless integration with law enforcement, juvenile justice, mental health, school incident reporting, assessment tools, and other relevant agencies
  • One user-friendly portal all team members can access from anywhere they have internet access.

Is it time to make your court’s pretrial services as effective and efficient as they can be? Contact the experts at FivePoint Solutions to request a free demo of our CaseWorx for Pretrial Services and The FocalPoint Dashboard for Criminal History now.

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