Early Intervention Software for Student Wellbeing

When it comes to promoting school safety, your threat assessment team can’t afford to deal with outdated or missing information. While you may have current technology in place to track and monitor threats, it likely lacks the functionality and the real-time data and integration necessary to keep all team members in-the-know.

At FivePoint Solutions, we have answered the call for a better way to track participant progress and manage threat cases with our CaseWorx for Threat Assessment Teams. This groundbreaking tool is designed to keep the critical information your team needs organized, accessible, and current, so you can focus on keeping your schools safe.

What Is CaseWorx for Threat Assessment Teams?

A configurable, full-featured, web-based case management solution, our tool allows your team to spend less time entering and tracking down data, and more time meeting critical school safety goals. The CaseWorx solution is fully-customizable, so you can design your own dashboard and workflows for each user group in your system. Different roles can have different levels of permissions, allowing you to meet your security objectives.

The comprehensive dashboard gives a clear picture of duties and responsibilities, so you can see assigned tasks, meetings, and events for each team member. You will also have access to calendar templates to streamline tasks from week to week.

Features to Make Your Threat Assessment Team More Effective

Highlights of the CaseWorx for Threat Assessment Teams include:

  • Better Reporting: Generate participant snapshots to program analytics to gain insights and key metrics.
  • Efficient Case Plan Tracking: Track and monitor participant progress so you can have a clear picture of a threat that any participant poses
  • Streamlined Files and Records: Import, organize, search and manage documents all in one place
  • Automation: Create specific forms to automatically fill in specified fields such as name, DOB, and case number, reducing time spent on data entry
  • Integration: Easily import existing data and streamline data entry from law enforcement, anonymous tip line, incident reporting, and juvenile justice systems

Is it time to build your threat assessment team’s momentum? Connect with the experts at FivePoint Solutions now to learn more about this tool or to schedule a free software demo.